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Picture day was amazing!


Picture day was amazing!

Thank you for making picture day a success. Please share the following information with your parents. There are a number of different order stages your parents might fall into. This information will help many questions.

If you have not already ordered school pictures there is still time.

The most efficient and cost-friendly way to order is to visit, search for your school, click the green Order button that corresponds with your school picture day and place your order. This option is available for up to four (4) days after picture day.

Once all of the images have been processed. Any student that has not ordered will receive an email with a unique access code and instructions to preview their image and place an order. All orders placed using the unique access code will be shipped directly to the student’s home.

Did you miss picture day or want to retake your picture?

Find your school’s retake day date and order information on by searching for your school. A student wishing to have their picture retaken should bring their original package back to school and return it to the photographer on retake picture day.

Digital downloads are delivered based on how you ordered.

If you ordered an image download online, you will receive an email with access to your image once it is ready. If you ordered with an envelope, you will receive your download instructions when packages are distributed at the school.