Visitation Protocols

  • Single Point of Entry

    All CCSD schools are required to establish a single-point of entry. Cheyenne High School’s entry is through the doors adjacent to the theater. Upon entry, one of our friendly office staff will ask how they can assist any visitor who comes to campus. This procedure is in place to ensure that only approved and appropriate visitation occurs on campus.

    Visitation protocols have been developed in alignment with CCSD Policy 1214, CCSD Policy 4100, and CCSD Regulation 4100.

  • Picking Up Your Child

    Parents and guardians wishing to pick up their child before dismissal for any reason will be asked to show identification. Only individuals who are listed as parents, guardians, or emergency contacts on students’ Infinite Campus summary page will be permitted to pick up students prior to dismissal. Individuals will also ask parents/guardians their reason for picking up their child early so that we can appropriately mark their attendance in Infinite Campus.

  • Meeting Requests

    Meeting requests for administration, teachers, and office staff will be granted as soon as possible. Please allow a minimum of 24 hours to schedule a meeting with Cheyenne High School staff. In order to ensure that we are able to provide all required instructional minutes to students, same day meeting requests will not be possible.

  • Classroom Visitation and Volunteering

    Classroom visitation for the purposes of observing how a student is learning or responding to instruction
    is limited to 20 minutes, must be scheduled in advance, and must be scheduled with the supervising
    administrator. Classroom visitation for the purposes of presenting or volunteering in the classroom is
    subject to the procedures outlined in CCSD Regulation 4100.

    Regulation 4100 governs fingerprinting of volunteers and appropriate interactions with children. Volunteers must be fingerprinted if they have unsupervised contact with students. Volunteers who are not likely to have unsupervised contact with students must complete an onsite training and sign an acknowledgement form. There are some exceptions for non-profit organizations, government entities, or volunteers of government entities. Regulation 4100 also defines appropriate and inappropriate interactions with students and it establishes rules for electronic communication with students, procedures for reporting inappropriate behavior, and consequences for violating Regulation 4100.

  • Registration

    Our registration office is open from 7:00 a.m.-12:30. Our registrar can be reached at extension 4066 or you may come to campus directly.