• TRIO Educational Talent Search (ETS) Program

    Greetings, Cheyenne Desert Shields students!! My name is Gabrielle Newell, and I am the coordinator for the UNLV TRIO Educational Talent Search (ETS) program at Cheyenne High School. In the past, you may have worked with Ms. Elsa Macias; I will now be your new contact. In case you are not familiar with our awesome program, ETS is a FREE college preparation program supporting students during the school day. Our program is focused on assisting students with a successful transition from high school to the post-secondary institution of their choice, which means continuing your education after high school graduation.

    IF YOU ARE NOT a UNLV TRIO ETS participant and would like to be eligible for this great academic support and much more, you can still apply to join the program. To apply, click the link below and complete the 2-part UNLV TRIO ETS application. The process consists of completing the application and the Needs Form. If you have any questions regarding the UNLV TRIO ETS program, please feel free to email me at [email protected]. Looking forward to supporting you through your high school journey!




    Contact information: 

    Gabrielle Newell: [email protected]

    Office hours/work days: Wednesday and Thursday 8:00am-3:30pm

    Google Meet: Platform for UNLV TRIO ETS workshops and student meetings. Contact me via email for information on connecting to the classroom, meetings, and workshops.