Caps & Gowns

  • Greetings!  Project 150 will be providing cap and gown assistance for graduating seniors.  Please see your counselor for additional information if you have not yet purchased your cap and gown.

    Requests must be submitted on February 2nd.

    Please click here to learn more about Project 150 and its services.


    Cheyenne High School Seniors can purchase Caps and Gowns by visiting Jostens' website. Gowns are custom-made and shipped from across the country. If gowns are not ordered on time, there is no guarantee that they will be here on time. After graduation, you will keep the purchased cap and gown.

    The cost of the Cap and Gown is currently $40.00 plus tax. The cost of the Cap and Gown will increase after February 03, 2023. When ordering the Cap and Gown, you will need to put in your height and weight to ensure an accurate fit of the gown.

    Whether you are an Advanced Honors graduate or a Standard Diploma graduate, students need to order the only Cap and Gown available on the Jostens website. Cheyenne HS Activities Administrator will ensure that the students receive the correct white or blue gown.

    Caps and Gowns will be shipped to Cheyenne High School and distributed to students a few days before graduation. All other items you purchase through Jostens will be delivered to your house.

    If you are graduating early and not planning on participating in the graduation ceremony, you do not need to order a Cap and Gown. If you plan to participate in the graduation ceremony, you will get your Cap and Gown with the rest of the class before graduation.

    You are not permitted to decorate your cap.